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It is important to attract online booking guests with high appearance level

Date: 2018-05-25

When an online image looks sophisticated, it's perfect for hotel online marketing.
Conversely, when a picture looks bad, putting it online won't do the hotel any good, and it may even prevent guests from booking the hotel.

After all, man is a visual animal.On trivago, those on the image to create a star image of the hotel has attracted 96% of hits, at the same time high quality image display in the gallery hits 63% higher than low quality images of clicks.

This will not only attract guests' attention, but also play a decisive role in influencing guests' reservation after they have seen the price and location of the hotel.

Why is that?
Because visual content attracts guests on an emotional level.

Your hotel pictures are better than any other type of content because you paint a picture of a wonderful experience for your guests and make them look forward to your hotel.
These images can help your potential guests visualize the hotel.
For example, stay in that spacious room, sleep in that comfortable and luxurious bed, and enjoy a delicious breakfast in that charming restaurant

Travelers want to be described as hotel guests.
Add sophisticated visual images to your hotel's online business to attract travelers' attention on your social media, metasearch profiles, and hotel websites.

High quality images have many advantages

Better visual content can better play the role of the network.
And the positive effects of good hotel photos can extend beyond the Internet, including guest experience and hotel revenue.

By providing high-quality hotel photos, you can:

Increase the average time travelers spend browsing your hotel's photo gallery and website: they spend more time thinking about your hotel and are more likely to book.

Raise your room rate appropriately: when guests can see the quality of a hotel room from a photo, they will think the more expensive the better.

Enhance the hotel's online reputation: the better the hotel's online photos are, the more travelers will be willing to book the hotel.

Sell your service online: if guests see a photo of an elegant bar in a hotel, they may realize it's an ideal place to spend time before bed.
If they see a photo of you at the spa, maybe they realize they just want a massage.

These high-quality images can have a positive impact.
When arranging a room so that it is flawless before filming, you may notice that the bed looks more beautiful than usual after careful grooming.

Photos can provide inspiration on how to improve the appearance of a room and the guest experience.

So this process must be reserved, to be reckoned with, in order to stimulate desire to customers online booking hotel, in addition to providing high quality images, show the unique features of your hotel, you must remember, your goal is to tell the story behind the guest hotel...

The idea is not to let the image of the hotel has magnificent, but itself has a gorgeous image of the hotel, through the pictures really convey the uniqueness of the hotel property, these travelers online booking into the hotel guests.